Product - Dazz 3D 3D Printer

Dazz 3D | The Most Advanced LCD SLA 3D Printer

Safe, high-resolution and user-friendly, Dazz 3D provides the professional-level quality and the best 3D printing experience!

Dazz 3D LCD 3D printer, a professional grade printer with 2K LCD panel & dual-liner slides which enable more detailed, dimensionally accurate and structurally robust models, yet is affordable to everyone. It includes special features such as an air-purification system, automatic resin refill, deluxe 7'' Touchscreen control, and wireless connection that make 3D printing easier and healthier!

Dazz 3D is equipped with a 2K HD LCD screen coupled with a Purple 405nm LED lamp to project slices of a 3D model onto the floor of resin container. This method allows Dazz 3D to make more detailed, dimensionally accurate and structurally robust models.

10μm Z & 47μm XY resolution

The Layer resolution capability is up to 25 microns, XY Resolution is 47μm, and Z resolution is 10μm.

Fast printing speed

High precision, yet not comprising on printing speed. The light rate 3.8 times faster than normal light-cured resin 3D printer. The printing speed is up to 36mm/hr.

Dual Z-Axis Slides

The unique dual-liner slides are designed to eliminate wobbling, and create highly precise 3D models with an ultra-smooth surface.

Safe Printing

The Air-purification system includes a low-speed fan and an activated carbon filter to remove ultra-fine particles and unpleasant fumes for a healthier printing environment.

Auto Resin System

You simply need to put 1 bottle of resin upside down into Dazz 3D and that’s all! The resin refills automatically as needed when printing large models.

Intuitive Control

With the deluxe 7'' touchscreen monitor on the body, users change print settings & track printing status anytime with just a simple touch control.

Auto Resin Wiper

The pro version includes an effective resin wiper to remove particulates and improve print consistency and quality by mixing the solid powder evenly when ceramic resin, powder, or other creative materials are added. While, when printing with Dazz 3D resins, there is no need to open the auto resin wiper due to the extension of printing time and quality it may caused.

Getting started with Dazz 3D is super easy. It supports WiFi, cable, or USB driver connection. We offer free slicer software downloading on our website. Simple import the printing files and connected to Dazz 3D, you are all set.

Efficient Tank Cleansing

There are two buckles at both sides, and you simply open the buckles and take the tank out for cleansing and saving the remaining resin! For tank cleansing, 75% alcohol is preferred!