3D打印體驗 3D Printing Trial



Dazz 3D打印體驗 - 使用最先進的SLA 3D打印機以低廉的價格打印您的模型

Dazz 3D Printing Trial - Print your model with most advanced SLA 3D printer at cost price


我們現為所有客戶提供限定的3D打印體驗。 歡迎您來到我們的演示室,並以成本價格打印3D模型文件及體驗Dazz 3D L120 Pro SLA 3D打印機。

We are now offering a limited 3D printing trial for all customer. You are welcome to visit our demo room and bring your 3D model file to print at the cost price to experience the Dazz 3D L120 Pro SLA 3D Printer.


Dazz 3D L120 Pro是最先進的SLA 3D打印機。 憑藉高分辨率和簡單的操作,Dazz 3D L120 Pro可以精確地打印不同結構、不同設計的模型。

Dazz3D L120 Pro is the most advanced consumer SLA 3D Printer. With high-resolution and easy-to-use interface, detailed and structurally robust models can be printed dimensionally accurately and precisely.






 Remarks: All quotation valid for 10 days only.


如欲參觀我們的演示室或體驗3D打印,歡迎致電 2318 5300 或電郵至 enquiry@gcr.com.hk 聯絡我們並留下您的聯繫方式,我們會盡快聯絡您。

Contact us at 2318 5300 or email to enquiry@gcr.com.hk to book for the showroom visit and 3D printing trial, we shall contact you as soon as possible.


條款及細則 Terms and Conditions

  1. 客戶只能享受此優惠一次。 Customer can enjoy this offer for once only.
  2. 最低購買金額為HKD$100。 The minimum purchase amount is HKD$100.
  3. 所有付款必須在打印前結算。 所有付款均不可退款。 All payments must be settled before printing. All payments are nonrefundable.