Pimax VR Headset

Pimax VR Headsets

Pimax, as the industry leader of VR (Virtual Reality) headset in combining clarity with a wide field of view, is providing 8K resolution and 90Hz refresh rate with low latency immersive VR experience to VR users.

Vision 5K Super Vision 8K X  


Field of View

The main feature of Pimax VR Headset is ultra-wide 200o field of view which close to human natural vision to provide unparalleled immersive experience.



It is the world's only 8K resolution VR headset until now with high resolution 3840*2160*2 Dual Native 4K customized display.


VR technology is becoming a trend of development. Industries start to utilize VR technology to facilitate works, including Simulation, Training, Creative Education, Design, Engineering, Researching etc.

Also, Metaverse concept is the hot topics nowadays, including social, gaming, E-sports, performance etc, bringing brand new entertainment to audiences.

Pimax VR Headset can compatible with lots of VR software for different usage which bring all-round VR experience to VR users.

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About Pimax

Founded in 2015 by a team of VR enthusiasts and engineers with mission to enable human's transition into a multi-dimensional space-time species. With the world-leading advanced VR hardware developer and cutting-edge technologies across industries, Pimax focus on bring customers the ultimate immersive VR experiences.

For more information, please visit https://pimax.com/