After-sales Services for HP Inc. Large-format Printers

Are you figuring out how to keep your large-format printers at the highest level of performance and avoiding downtime to ensure the smooth daily printing operation?

We are here to help!

Our dedicated customer service and technical teams provide responsive, effective and reliable maintenance supports so that your plotters function in peak condition anytime.

Also, we provide a range of comprehensive after-sale services including:

- On-site Printer Installation and Configuration

- Printer Delivery

- Printer Training

- Printer and Solution Demonstration

- Maintenance and Repair

- Printer Relocation

- Dedicated Customer Support

Are you wondering to maximize the value from your investments on Large-format Printing Solution in a flexible way?

Gateway offering Printer Rental Service helps you optimize your infrastructure, manage the environment and enhance the printing workflow with our experienced and professional technical teams. You can save a lot of capital expenditures which are not absolutely necessary.

The Printer Rental Service includes the following hassle-free services so that you can just focus on your business growth without maintaining and managing the printers by yourself:

- On-site Printer Installation and Configuration

- Printer Delivery

- Printer Training

- Toner Replenishment

- Printer Repair and Parts Replacement

- Monthly Meter Reading Reports

- Dedicated Customer Service Support

Unlike most distributors, we are not just selling you a hardware and leaving it to you. Contact us at 2318 5300 for assistance and our specialist will contact you shortly.