Product - Xopero Backup Solutions

Xopero develops a comprehensive range of professional tools for protecting and restoring critical business data.

Xopero is one of Europe’s leading providers of advanced backup solutions which includes appliance backup, local backup, cloud backup, mobile backup, hybrid backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. With Xopero solutions, you can secure all business environment from single device to whole IT infrastructure.

A wide range of business sectors have already adopted Xopero solutions: small to medium-sized organisations, large companies, public administration, banking and finance, education, medicine, telecommunications and IT.

Product Portfolio

A. Xopero Backup & Restore (Backup on your own IT infrastructure)

Xopero Backup & Restore is a comprehensive solution for backup and data recovery that you install on your existing IT infrastructure. As you already have all the components, there’s no additional IT costs or long-term deployment.

It allows you to secure all your business-critical data and ensure business continuity from a single endpoint to servers and virtual machines. Xopero system grows with your business, allowing you to maintain the highest level of protection for your data.

B. Xopero Cloud (Backup for discerning Business)

An advanced backup service for PCs, servers and virtual environments, with unlimited devices protection and flexible storage. Avoid the high cost of unadjusted implementation or data loss.

Xopero Cloud Backup Solution provides the enterprise-class security with fast data recovery so that you can get your business back online within minutes – even in the event of a large system failure.

Xopero offers comprehensive data protection from a single laptop or smartphone, through to servers, databases, mailboxes and virtual machines. With the solution, your data is being encrypted using the AES 256 algorithm even before the shipment to a data centre. Furthermore, in order to prevent downtime in your company, the data is stored in two independent locations. As a result, if one data centre goes down, you can always recover the data from the second location to continue running businesses.

C. Backup eXpert (Backup and sync & share platform)

Fast and reliable backup with secured data synchronisation, which lets you manage your data from anywhere.

Backup eXpert is an advanced set of cloud backup, synchronisation and sharing tools. Whether you run a small business or just want to back up photos and videos, we can protect all the precious data you have stored on computers and mobile devices.

User can access and manage data anytime and anywhere in the world by using any devices with installation of application and a connection to the internet. Backup eXpert’s synchronisation also provides an extremely useful collaboration tool. When you add, edit or delete files, your changes will be automatically replicated on all your devices with the application installed.

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